We suffer from a kind of emotional underdevelopment

We suffer from a kind of emotional underdevelopment


“We suffer from a kind of emotional underdevelopment that leads us to self-destructive behaviours, both in our public life and in private.It is urgent to find a way that will allow us to discover how to be healthier. This way is closely related to love and spirituality.

Love is the best indicator of human health, is the exact opposite of aggression, fear and paranoia, which represent the pathology that separates us.
Claudio Naranjo (Chilean anthropologist and psychiatrist)

Without meeting there is no health.Without the existence of a WE, our life is empty even though our house, the chest and our safe are filled with expensive acquisitions.

Of course, the TV, with the bombardment of ads, urges us to fill our houses, our chests with similar acquisitions implying that all the others are mellow and outdated.

Intellectual skeptics, who hold the alleged knowledge, are always ready to ridicule and despise us who still talk through our heart, our guts and our soul.

We that talk more about feelings rather than thoughts, more about spirituality than for glory, more about happiness than success.

He who talks about love is immature, if he says he is happy, is naive and scatterbrained, if he is generous, he is suspect, if he is gullible, he is fool, and if he is optimistic, he is idiot.
And if it happens to appear someone that combines all of the above, then the people who hold the knowledge falsely, they will say that he is false an offhand petty criminal that no one can take seriously.Those who pretend to be too “sophisticated” to admit their own confusion or unhappiness.

Almost all of them course, are well entrenched behind the walls of their vanity, and they find it difficult to accept that some third parties, through completely different routes, suggest solutions that are different too.

Certainly they do not stand the comparison with relationships and life which are based on emotion.”


The Road of Meeting
Jorge Bucay


(The translation is based on the text as presented in Greek)


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