Sword of Damocles

Sword of Damocles

In Syracuse reigned Dionysius the cunning, a powerful king that everyone feared, flattered and hated, all were jealous of him and accused.

Dionysius had a courtier, Damocles the envious.
Damocles constantly gouged in front of Dionysius endless reasons for the happiness of kings.
Damocles could give everything in order to bein a position similar to that held by the king of that time in his future life …

Dionysius being tired decided to compliance of the courtier. He organized a large feast and ordered Damocles to take his place on the throne.

Dressed in royal clothes like a real monarch, Damocles felt proud of this honor.
He could not believe his luck! His dream had become true, even for these few moments.
“And why only few happy moments?”, he thought.

The king had given his position and ordered to obey him in what he said, as if he were himself a king. It was not difficult to talk to the captain of the guard and ask him to wipe the previous King … definitely.

He was lost in his thoughts when his servants informed him that the food was served.

Designing to speak to the captain of the guard during the dinner, Damocles sat on his throne, in front of the table which was filled with exotic delicacies
Who knows why, the best time of the dinner, Damocles looked up over his head.
And then he saw it!

A sharp and pointy sword just hunging over his head.
It was tied with a weak thread that looked like it would be cut from time to time.
Very slowly, almost breathlessly, Damocles got up from the royal seat and went to the center of the lobby. To his surprise he realised that the sword was moving with him, and that its edge was pointing continuously on the top of his head. He was afraid that the slightest movement of the head could cut the very thin thread that was holding the sword.

The new king burst into tears and started calling Dionysius loudly. He was begging for help.
“What happens?” asked Dionysius.
“Look,” Damocles said, pointing up and shaking his finger very gently.
“The sword? … Aaaah, it is always there. I thought I was used to it, but I enjoyed this time so much that I am thinking of leaving my throne forever … You wanted so much to become king. ”

“Oh, no, your Grace. It was a mere fantasy. Please, let me take off the crown and leave from here … please … ”

The king accepted the resignation of Damocles, however, with the condition that he will not bother him again with comments and what he would be in his next lives.
The wise does not seek anything: neither to be good nor strong, nor obedient, neither revolutionary nor contradictory or consistent … He just wants to be the one that he is. And it is this unique desire – so natural, so cool- that fascinates us.

The oriental idea of the wise who looks like a smiling kid and invites us to think of the coveted combination of innocence and absolute freedom.

From ignorance to wisdom
Jorge Bucay
(A translation based on the text as presented in Greek)



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