The pains of Virgin Mary (KOSTAS VARNALIS)

The pains of Virgin Mary (KOSTAS VARNALIS)

Where shall I hide you, my Son

so that t bad people could not reach you

in which island of the ocean

which deserted peak?

I will not teach you how to speak

and shout against the injustice

i know that you will have a heart

so good, so sweet

that captured in the nets of rage

soon, soon you will be torn into pieces.


You will have blue eyes

a tender little body

i will keep you away from the evil eye

and from ominous conditions


from the very first surprise

of your awakening youth

you are not meant to battle

your are not meant to be crucified

you are a young householder

not a slave, not a slave nor a traitor.


And if ever your mind

the fair light of thunderbolt

and the truth, demand it

my child do not reveal them


People are wild beasts, they cannot

bear the light

truth is not as golden

as the truth of silence

Even if you will be born again a thousand times

a thousand more times, they will crucify you.





Kostas Varnalis




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