Do not live constantly by making comparisons

Do not live constantly by making comparisons

Rebellion against the mandate is not to look the schnitzel in your neighbour’s plate when you serve your own. You might like or not your own schnitzel, but it shouldn’t depend on what your neighbour’s schnitzel look like. It may be sure that you do not like it, but this has nothing to do with the other’s schnitzel. You may cease to like yours by just realizing that the schnitzel of your neighbour is more crispy, more tender or larger.

If you do not really want to live in a world full of expectations, do not live constantly by making comparisons.
Do not assess what you have based on what the others have.
Do not act like crazy to succeed to the extent achieved by the others.
Do not compare yourself with others; this way your happiness will not depend on how the others are.




The Road of Happiness
Jorge Bucay
(the translation is based on the text as presented in Greek)



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