the mysterious relationship between a man’s psychology and the things that happen to him (ELIO D’ ANNA)

the mysterious relationship between a man’s psychology and the things that happen to him (ELIO D’ ANNA)

The real inequality between men, the root from which every other visible difference arises, is that they belong to different levels of inner responsibility. Differences in the quality of thought place men vertically on different levels of the ladder of Being.

There exists an inner hierarchy that no war or revolution can ever erase because the true difference between men does not depend on wealth, creed or race. It is a difference in states of Being. It is a psychological, vertical, evolutionary difference of rank. For this reason, it can only be overcome by a radical change in the way a man thinks and feels.

You always encounter the same events because nothing changes in you! A particle of paradise moves towards paradise, a particle of hell towards hell.

Our states of Being attract the events that correspond to them, and events cause us to return to those same states. Only the will can stop this endless circle, this never-ending mechanical game and break the hypnotic cycle in which man’s existence is circumscribed. Thought is creative. Thought creates. Events are the materialization of our thoughts, of our states of Being. Therefore, states and events are the same thing. States are produced in the Being of every man and events manifest themselves in his life, over time, and seem to originate independently of his will. In reality we are the ones who have intensely invoked them and unsconsciously created them.

Whether positive or negative, a man’s thoughts are always creative and they will unfailingly find a way to materialize.

Our thoughts, like hand-written invitations, sent and then forgotten, attract events that correspond to them. In due course, when we are no longer even thinking about them, circumstances, meetings, events, problems and accidents, downfalls and failures, knock at our door like unwelcome guests with a secret and longstanding invitation nevertheless. Only neglect of our states of Being, which are the true cause of such events, makes them appear to be sudden and unexpected.

The unexpected always requires a lengthy preparation.

No external event can happen to a man without his consent, albeit unconscious. Nothing can happen to him without it first passing through the filter of his psychology.

Therefore, thinking is a very powerful process.

What we then call facts, events, experiences and all manner of occurrences in one’s life are states of Being which are already marching towards those who are in tune with them. Inner states are external events just waiting for the right occasion to manifest.

The quality of our emotions, the breadth of our thoughts and the states of mind that we experience this very instant will decide what will then become visibly manifest and the nature of the events that will materialize in our lives.

Modifying your states of Being can transform the events that happen to you. This is how a man, by studying himself and changing his way of thinking and feeling, can transform his horizontal, temporal existence.

We need to learn how to turn our vision upside down. Whatever men normally perceive as difficulty and misfortune, whatever they curse and try to avoid at all costs, is actually the most precious material for transforming their psychology of death into a psychology of life. Life through this world is a School for Gods. Confusion, doubt, chaos, crisis, anger, despair and pain are all propitious conditions for growth.

A man’s Being is made up of states and his life of events. Our existence therefore runs along two parallel tracks: ‘events’ which are the sequence of circumstances that come towards us during our lives on the conveyor belt of time and space, and ‘states’ which are the impulses of our spirits, moods and emotions which arise within us in a mostly unconscious way. A man’s personal history is therefore composed horizontally of events and vertically of states of Being. However, people usually think about their life and talk about it as if it were only made up of external events. In reality, the type of events that occur, and consequently the quality of a person’s external life, depends upon the quality of their thoughts and states of Being. Life is therefore made up of events but more so, of states. We all believe, for example, when we go to a conference or the theatre, that we are the ones who choose our seats; we are all sure that this morning we chose what we were going to wear.

However, in reality, the choice of seat and clothing was not made by ‘us’ but by our states of Being.

Everyone has a suit, a shirt, or some other item of clothing in their wardrobe which for some reason they never feel like wearing. However they do not throw that garment away because they know that, sooner or later, they will find themselves in a state of mind, a mood, a level of Being, which will be in tune with it. When we ‘feel’ that way, we ‘choose’ that garment.

The relationship between states and events, inner circumstances and outer events, the mysterious relationship between a man’s psychology and the things that happen to him, are at the core of the question of free will and the age-old enigma of whether destiny is determined by chance or necessity.





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