“What do I owe to my parents?” (OSHO)

“What do I owe to my parents?” (OSHO)

A rabbi was the guest of a family. The man of the house. impressed by the honor. warned his children to behave seriously at the dinner table because the great rabbi was coming. But during the course of the meal they laughed at something and he ordered them from the table.

The rabbi then arose and prepared to leave.

“Anything wrong?” asked the concerned father.

“Well,” said the rabbi.

“I laughed too!”

Don’t be worried about their seriousness, about their worrying about you. They are trying unconsciously to make you feel guilty. Don’t let them succeed because if they succeed they will destroy you and they will also destroy an opportunity for them which would have become possible through you.

You say, “They have made my being here possible…” Be thankful for that, but there is no need to feel guilty. “…so how can I turn from them?” There is no need to turn from them. but there is no need to follow them either. Go on loving them. When you meditate, after each meditation pray to existence that “Something of my meditativeness should reach my parents:’ Be prayerful for them, be loving to them, but don’t follow them. That won’t help you or them.

You say “What do I owe to my parents?” You owe this: that you have to be yourself. You owe this: that you have to be blissful, that you have to be ecstatic, that you have to become a celebration unto yourself. that you have to learn to laugh and rejoice. This is what you owe to them: you owe to them enlightenment. Become enlightened like Gautam the Buddha and then go to your parents to share your joy. Right now what can you do? Right now nothing is possible. Right now you can only pray.

So I am not saying turn away from them. I am saying don’t follow them. and this is the only way you can be of some help to them. They have helped you physically you have to help them spiritually. That will be the only way to repay them.






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