But deep down you are still Japanese (OSHO)

But deep down you are still Japanese (OSHO)

People have invented a thousand and one ways to escape from themselves. And they have to invent them because they have created an ugly idea of themselves. To tell them “Know thyself!” is to shock them. They don’t want to know themselves.
So people like Socrates go on saying “Know thyself”-nobody hears, nobody listens. Nobody wants to
know himself, because you have already decided that you are a nauseating being, that you are sick, that you are ugly, abnormal, that all kinds of pus and wounds are there inside you. Who wants to go there? It is better not to look at those wounds, forget all about them.

And if you try to change, what will you do? You will prune this branch, that branch. And the problem is in the roots, not in the branches. If you prune a tree, the tree will become thicker. It will have better foliage; more leaves will grow, because the tree will take the challenge. You want to destroy the tree? You cut one leaf: three leaves will come—that is the answer of the tree. Cut one branch:
Three branches replace it. The tree cannot so easily be defeated. It has to survive. And you can go on cutting the leaves and branches—nothing will happen. Deep down you will remain the same, because the roots are intact.

The Japanese was a longtime customer at this Greek restaurant because he had discovered that they made especially tasty fried rice. Each evening he would come in he would order flied lice.
This always caused the Greek restaurant owner to nearly roll on the floor with laughter. Sometimes
he would have two or three friends stand nearby just to hear the Japanese customer order his “flied lice.”
Eventually, the customer’s pride was so hurt that he took a special diction lesson just to be able to
say “fried rice” correctly.
The next time he went to the restaurant he said very plainly, “Fried rice, please.”
Unable to believe his ears, the Greek restaurant owner said, “Sir, would you repeat that?”
The Japanese replied, “You heard what I said, you Gleek plick!”
This is not the way to change. You can change one letter of the alphabet, but deep down you are still
Japanese. It will assert itself from somewhere else.






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