“What do you mean what is left?I am left!” (LEO BUSCAGLIA)

“What do you mean what is left?I am left!” (LEO BUSCAGLIA)

Philosophers have told us this for years. “You are all you have. Therefore, make yourself the most beautiful, tender, wonderful, fantastic person in the world. And then you will always survive.” Remember Medea in the Greek tragedy? Remember the line of that beautiful play, when everything is gone and the oracle comes to her and says, “Medea, what is left? Everything is destroyed, everything is gone.” She says, “What is left? There is me.” There’s a woman for you! “What do you mean what is left? Everything is left. I am left!” When we recognize this importance of you again returning to a respect for you, a love for you, and realizing that all things come from you, then you can give to others. Then you have arrived at a very important place because if you don’t like you, you can always learn again to like you. You can create a new you. You can do it. If you don’t like the set you’re involved with, strike it and put up a new one. If you don’t like the cast of characters you’re involved with, get rid of them and start a new bunch. But you’ve got to do it. And it’s all yours. Okay, so that’s number one. And if we’vegot nothing else said but that, I would believe with all my heart that I’d left something with you anyway. A return to you.



Saint-Exupery, the French philosopher, makes a magnificent statement in one of his books, and he’s written some lovely ones. He said, “Perhaps love,” (and you can substitute education if you want to,) “is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself.” I have no definition of love, but that comes the closest to being the healthiest one I’ve heard. “Perhaps love is the process of my leading vou gently back to yourself.” Not to whom I want you to be, but to who you ate.




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Leo Buscaglia



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