This is a prison cell in which you are living. You can drop it. (OSHO)

This is a prison cell in which you are living. You can drop it. (OSHO)

The greatest misery in life is to feel oneself stupid, unworthy, unintelligent. And nobody is born unintelligent; nobody can be born unintelligent because we come from God. God is pure intelligence.

We bring some flavor, some fragrance from God when we come into the world. But immediately the society jumps upon you, starts manipulating, teaching, changing, cutting, adding, and soon you have lost all shape, all form. The society wants you to be obedient, conformist, orthodox. This is how your intelligence is destroyed.

This is a prison cell in which you are living. You can drop it. It will be difficult to drop because you have become so accustomed to it. It will be difficult to drop because it is not just like clothing; it has become almost your skin.

You have lived with it so long. It will be difficult to drop because this is your whole identity – but it has to be dropped if you really want to claim your real being.

If you really want to be intelligent you have to be a rebel. Only the rebellious person is intelligent. What do I mean by rebellion? – I mean dropping all that has been enforced on you against your will. Search again for who you are, start from ABC again.

No person is similar to anybody else, each is unique – that is the nature of intelligence – and each is incomparable. Don’t compare yourself to anybody. How can you compare? You are you and the other is other. You are not similar, so comparison is not possible.

But we have been taught to compare and we are continuously comparing. Directly, indirectly, consciously, unconsciously, we live in comparison. And if you compare you will never respect yourself: somebody is more beautiful than you, somebody is taller than you, somebody is healthier than you, and somebody is something else; somebody has such a musical voice… and you will be burdened and burdened if you go on comparing. Millions of people are there; you will be crushed by your comparisons.

And you had a beautiful soul, a beautiful being which wanted to bloom, which wanted to become a Golden Flower, but you never allowed it.

Be unburdened. Put all aside. Regain, reclaim your innocence, your childhood. Jesus is right when he says, ”Unless you are born again, you shall not enter into my kingdom of God.” I say the same to you: Unless you are born again….

Drop all the garbage that has been put on you!




The Secret of Secrets, Vol 2



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