So I talk about you and me

Because I love you and in the love I know
To enter like a Full Moon
From everywhere,like your little foot in the immense sheets
To pluck jasmines and I have the power
Asleep,to blow to lead you
Through moonlight paths and secret arches of the sea
Hypnotised trees with spiders that we silver plated

The waves have heard of you
How you caress,how you kiss
How you say in whispers the “what” and the “eh”
Around the neck in the bay
Always us the light and the shadow

Always you the little star and always me the dark floater
Always you the harbor and me the right latern
The wet breakwater and the shine upon the oars

High in the house with the vine branches
The tied roses,and the water that gets cold
Always you the stone statue and always I the shadow that grows
The leaning window shutter you,and I the adoration that opens it
Because I love you and I love you
Always you the coin and I the adoration that cashes it:

So the night,so the roar in the wind
So the drop in the air,so the serenity
All around the despotic sea
Chamber of the sky with the stars
So your slightest breath

I have nothing else anymore than
In the four walls,the ceiling,the floor
To cry out from you and my voice to hit me
To smell from you and the people to get angry
Because the untried and the from else brought
The people can’t stand it and it’s early,do you hear me
It’s still early in this world my love




It’s still early in this world,do you hear me
The monsters haven’t benn tamed,do you hear me
My lost blood and the sharp,do you hear me
Like a ram that runs through the skies
And cracks the branches of the stars,do you hear me
It’s me,do you hear me
I love you,do you hear me
I hold you and I take you and I wear to you
The Ophelia’s white wedding dress,do you hear me
Where are you leaving me,where are you going and who,do you hear me

He holds your hand above the deluge

The huge retails and the lavas of the volcanos
Will come one day,do you hear me
To bury us after and the thousands of years
They will make us shiny stones,do you hear me
To shine upon them the insensibility,to hear
Of the people
And to throw us thousands of pieces
In the waters one by one, do you hear me
My bitter pebbles I count,do you hear me
And the time is a big church,do you hear me
That sometime the Saints’ figures
shed true tears,do you hear me
The bells open high,do you hear me,
One deep passage to cross
The angels are waiting with candles and deadly chants
I’m going nowhere do you hear me
Anyone or the two of us together,do you hear me

This flower of the storm and do you hear me
Of love
We cut it once and forever
And it can’t blossom in any other way,do you hear me
In another land,another star,do you hear me
The soil doesn’t exist,the air doesn’t exist
That we touched,the same,do you hear me

And no gardener fortuned in other times

From so winter and from so north winds,do you hear me
To blossom a flower,only us,do you hear me
In the middle of the sea
And only the errand of the love,do you hear me
We raised a whole island,do you hear me
With caves and with hawsers and with blossomed precipices
Who talks in the waters and who cries-do you listen?
who seeks the other,who is screaming-
do you listen?
It’s me who I scream and it’s me that I’m crying,do you hear me
I love you,I love you,do you hear me




Odysseas Elytis
Source: https://lyricstranslate.com/el/monograma-monogram.html



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