If your happiness has a condition to it, you will remain unhappy (OSHO)

If your happiness has a condition to it, you will remain unhappy (OSHO)

Yesterday it was future, and you were daydreaming about it. Now it is there. What is happening? Are you happy?

Yesterday was also one day in the future. The past was all part of future one day, and it has slipped – and the future will also slip.

You are befooling yourself in daydreaming.

Look at me right now. If you postpone even for a single split moment, you miss me. And then it becomes a habit, a very ingrained habit. Tomorrow also you will miss me, and the day after tomorrow also, because you will remain the same. Not only that – your habit of daydreaming will have become more strong.

You long for something, it will happen, but by the time it happens you will see that you are still discontent.

Something else is creating the misery now.

This is something to be understood – that if your desire is not fulfilled, you are frustrated; if it is fulfilled, then too you are not fulfilled.

That is the misery of desire.

Fulfilled, you are not fulfilled.

Suddenly many new things arise.

The mind that goes on telling you, ‘Do this, be that. Possess this, possess that… otherwise how can you be happy if you don’t have this?

If your happiness has a condition to it, you will remain unhappy.

If you cannot be happy just as you are …

I know hard is the labour, wages are poor, life is a struggle, I know – but if you cannot be happy as you are, in spite of it all; if you cannot be happy, you are not going to be happy ever.

Unless a man is happy, simply happy, for no reason at all, a man is not going to be happy ever. You will always find something destroying your happiness. You will always find something missing, something absent. And that missing will become your daydream again.

And you cannot achieve a state where everything, everything is available. Even if it is possible, then too you will not be happy.

Just look at the mechanism of the mind: if everything is available as you want it, suddenly you will feel bored. Mind will never allow you to be happy.

Whatsoever the condition, the mind will always find something to be unhappy about.
For breathing, you need not be even aware. You simply go on breathing. Conscious, unconscious, awake, asleep, you go on breathing. Happiness is exactly like that.

Bliss is your natural state; it is not an achievement. If you simply get out of the mechanism of the mind, you start feeling blissful.

You ask, ‘Why am I always daydreaming about the future?’

You are daydreaming about the future because you have not tasted the present.

Start tasting the present.  Find a few moments where you are simply delighting.

Looking at the trees, just be the look.

Listening to the birds, just be a listening ear; let them reach to your deepest core.  Let their song spread all over your being.

Sitting by the side of the ocean, just listen to the wild roar of the waves, become one with it… because that wild roar of the waves has no past, no future.  If you can tune yourself with it, you will also become a wild roar.

Hug a tree and relax into it.  Feel its green shape rushing into your being.

Lie down on the sand, forget the world, commune with the sand, the coolness of it; feel the coolness saturating you.

Go to the river, swim, and let the river swim within you.

Do whatsoever you feel you enjoy, and enjoy it totally.

In those few moments, the past and future will disappear and you will be here now.



Joy: The Happiness That Comes from Within



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