Congratulations! You succeeded… However, what did you succeed in? (OSHO)

Congratulations! You succeeded… However, what did you succeed in? (OSHO)

You succeeded – and I have said again and again that nothing fails like success. You have reached
a place that you wanted to reach, but you were not aware of the by-products. You have millions of
dollars, but you cannot sleep.

When Alexander was in India he met a naked saint in the desert.

He declared: ”I am Alexander the Great!”

The saint said, ’’You cannot be.”

He said, ’’What nonsense! I am saying it myself, and you can see my armies all over the place.”

He said, ”I see your armies, but one who calls himself The Great’ has not yet reached to greatness,
because greatness makes people humble, as it is such a failure, an utter failure.”

Alexander was a disciple of Aristotle and he was trained by him in fine logic. He could not listen to
all this mystic garbage. He said, ”1 don’t believe all these things. I have conquered the whole world.”

The naked man said, ”lf in this desert you are thirsty, and I offer you a glass of water, how much
would you be able to give me for it? – and for miles there is no water.”

Alexander said, ”1 would give you half of my kingdom.”

The saint said, ”No, I will not sell it for half of the kingdom. Either you can have the kingdom or you
can have the glass of water. And you are thirsty and you are dying and there are no possibilities of
finding water anywhere – what will you do?”

He said, ’’Then naturally, I will give you the whole kingdom.”

The saint laughed; he said, ”So that is the price of your whole kingdom – just a glass of water! And
you think you have conquered the whole world? From today start saying you have conquered a
whole glass of water.”

When man reaches to the cherished goals, then he becomes aware that there are many things
around them. For example, for your whole life you try to earn money, thinking that one day when you
have it, you will live a relaxed life. But you have been tense your whole life – tension has become
your discipline – and at the end of life, when you have achieved all the money you wanted, you
cannot relax. The whole life disciplined in tension and anguish and worry won’t let you relax. So you are not a winner, you are a loser. You lose your appetite, you destroy your health, you destroy your sensibility, your sensitiveness. You destroy your aesthetic sense – because there is no time for all these things which do not produce dollars.

You are running after dollars – who has time to look at the roses? and who has time to look at the
birds on the wing? and who has time to look at the beauty of human beings? You postpone all these things so that one day, when you have everything, you will relax and enjoy. But by the time you have everything, you have become a certain kind of disciplined person – who is blind to roses, who is blind to beauty, who cannot enjoy music, who cannot understand dance, who cannot understand poetry, who can only understand dollars. But those dollars give no satisfaction.

This is the cause of depression.




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