To become on our own doctors of ourselves (CICERO)

To become on our own doctors of ourselves (CICERO)

Considering the following two illnesses, the sadness and the desire, are there illnesses of the body which are worse? And how can we claim that our spirit was the one which discovered the art of body therapy?Moreover, it is obvious that the body treatment is highly dependent on the individual temperament and the nature of each person,which is why we see that all bodies which are under treatment do not recover immediately. On the other hand, souls which wish to be cured and are willing to obey the commands of the wise are undoubtedly cured. So there is definitely an art that heals the soul, and this is philosophy.However, there is no need to seek help outside of us, like we do with physical illnesses; we should do our best so that we can become on our own doctors of ourselves.







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