That’s why you call it happiness because it happens (OSHO)

That’s why you call it happiness because it happens (OSHO)

“Pursuit of happiness”?


Nobody has ever succeeded in it, and those who have tried have become very unhappy and miserable in their life.


Happiness happens. Perhaps that’s why you call it happiness because it happens.


You cannot manage it, you cannot manufacture it, you cannot arrange it.


Happiness is something which is beyond your effort, beyond you. But in just digging a hole in your garden, if you are totally absorbed in it – if the whole world is forgotten, including you – it is there.


Happiness is always with you. It has nothing to do with rain, it has nothing to do with chopping wood, it has nothing to do with digging a hole in the garden:


Happiness has nothing to do with anything.


It is just the unexpectant, relaxed, at ease state of your being with existence.

And it is there.

It does not come and go.


It is always there, just like your breathing, your heartbeat, the blood circulating in your body.


Happiness is always there, but if you seek it you will find unhappiness, because by seeking you will miss happiness.


If you pursue you will find unhappiness.


And they are pursuing desperately – in money, in power, in religion – and they are running all over the world looking for somebody to teach them how to find happiness.


And the real thing is to just come back home; forget all about it. Do something else which has nothing to do with happiness.




You need not learn painting. Can’t you throw color on a canvas? Any child can do it. Just throw colors on a canvas and you may be surprised: you are not a painter, but something beautiful….

Just the colors themselves have become mixed in a certain way and have created something. You cannot name it. But while you are so absorbed, from some unknown corner something starts slipping into their being. You start feeling joyous for no reason at all.


A poet, a painter, a singer, a dancer, yes, once in a while attain to happiness. But one thing is always there: whenever happiness comes they are not there.


So people are passing from one woman to another woman, to another woman, to another woman; from one man, to another man, to another man; from one business to another business, from one job to another job – in the pursuit of happiness.


And strangely, it always looks as if it is there and somebody else is enjoying it, so you start pursuing it. When you reach there it is not there.


The grass beyond your fence is always greener, but don’t jump the fence to see actually whether it is so. Enjoy it! If it is greener on the other side of the fence, enjoy it. Why destroy things by jumping the fence and finding out that it is worse than your own grass?


But people are running after everything: perhaps this will give them what they have been missing.


Nothing can help. You can live in a palace but you will be as miserable, perhaps more than you were in an old hut.


In the old hut at least there was a consolation that you were miserable because you were in an old, rotten hut.


There was an excuse,


You could have explained away your miserliness, your misery, your suffering.


And there was also a hope that someday you would be able to manage a better house – if not a palace, then at least a good, beautiful, small house of your own.


It is hope that is keeping people alive, and it is their excuses and explanations which keep them trying again and again.






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