Only a person without joy needs entertainment (OSHO)

Only a person without joy needs entertainment (OSHO)

Normally what we consider as joy is not joy; at most it is entertainment, and it is just a way to avoid yourself, to intoxicate yourself, to dive into something so that you can forget your unhappiness, of Your concern, your anguish, your anxiety.

All kinds of entertainment are considered to be joy, but they are not. Everything that comes from outside is not joy, it cannot be; everything that depends on something is not joy, it cannot be.

Joy arises from its own essence; it is absolutely independent of any external circumstance. And she’s not an escape from yourself, but really finding yourself. Joy comes only when you get home.

So all that is known as joy is just the opposite, the diametrically opposite, not joy. In fact, for having no joy, you seek entertainment.

Only a person without joy needs entertainment. The more the world is without joy, the more we will need television, cinema, adorned cities and a thousand and one things.

We need more and more alcoholic drinks, more and more new types of drugs, just to avoid the unhappiness in which we are, just to avoid facing the anguish in which we are, only to somehow forget everything. But by forgetting, nothing is achieved.

Joy is entering your own being. At first it’s hard, hard; at first you will have to face the distress The path is huge, however, the more you enter it, the greater the payment, the greater the reward.

When you learn to face unhappiness, you will start to be cheerful, because in that very face, happiness begins to disappear and you start to become more integrated.

One day unhappiness will be present, and you will will it – and suddenly, of break: you can realize the unhappiness separated from you and you separated from it. You’ve always been separated; she was just an illusion, an id you had. Now you know that you are not that; then there is an access of joy, an explosion of joy.


The Happiness That Comes from Within




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