Heaven without the choice of hell will be hell itself. (OSHO)

Heaven without the choice of hell will be hell itself. (OSHO)

To me, to be innocent is all that is to be achieved. Be innocent, and the divine is always blissfully flowing toward you. Innocence is the capacity to receive, to be part of the divine. Be innocent, and the guest is there. Become the host.

This innocence cannot be cultivated because cultivation is always a contrivance. It is calculated. But innocence can never be calculated; it is impossible.

Innocence is religiousness. To be innocent is the peak of true realization. But true innocence comes only through a conscious revolution; it is not possible through any collective, unconscious evolution. Man is alone. He is free to choose heaven or hell, life or death, the ecstasy of realization or the misery of our so-called life.

Sartre said somewhere: “Man is condemned to be free.” You may choose either heaven or hell. Freedom means the freedom to choose either. If you can choose only heaven, then it is not a choice; it is not freedom. Heaven without the choice of hell will be hell itself. Choice always means either/or. It does not mean you are free to choose only good. Then there would be no freedom.
If you choose wrongly, freedom becomes a condemnation; but if you choose rightly it becomes bliss.

It depends on you whether your choice turns your freedom into condemnation or into bliss. The choice is totally your responsibility.

If you are ready then from within your depths a new dimension can begin: the dimension of revolution. Evolution has ended. Now a revolution is needed to open you up to what is beyond. It is an individual revolution, an inward revolution.



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