From the head to the heart…from the heart to being… (OSHO)

From the head to the heart…from the heart to being… (OSHO)

Society does not want you to be a man of heart. Society needs heads, not hearts.

I was visiting India’s greatest university, in Varanasi, and one of the most famous scholars, Doctor Hajari Prasad Dwivedi, was presiding at the meeting I was going to address. He was the head and the dean of the faculty of arts. I asked him, “Have you ever wondered why you are called the head, and not the heart?”

He said, “You always ask strange questions” — he was an old man, and now he is dead. He said, “In my whole life nobody ever asked, `Why are you called the head and not the heart?'” But he considered that although the question is very strange, “you have something significant in your question. You make me also wonder why people are not called the heart of the philosophy department — that will be more authentic, more essential — but they are called the head of the department of philosophy.”

Society is divided between head and hands. Have you noticed that laborers are called hands? Poor people working with their hands, manual workers, are called hands… and there are people above them who are called heads. But the heart is completely missing; nobody is called the heart.

It is immensely significant that you start feeling a stirring in your heart, because your heart is far more valuable than your head. Your head is all borrowed… it has nothing of its own. But your heart is still yours. Your heart is not Christian, your heart is not Hindu, your heart is still existential. It has not been corrupted and polluted. Your heart is still original.

It is a tremendously great quantum leap from the head to the heart. Now one step more — from the heart to being — and you have arrived home, the pilgrimage is over.

Nobody can come directly from the head to the being. They are strangers; they are not at all connected with each other. They are not even introduced. Neither your being knows anything about the head, nor your head knows anything about the being. They live in the same house but they are absolute strangers. Because their functioning is so different they never come across each other, they never encounter each other.

Heart is the bridge. Part of the heart knows the head, and part of the heart knows the being. The heart is a midway station. When you are moving towards your being, the heart is going to be an overnight stay.

From the heart you will be able to see something of the being, but not from the head; hence, philosophers never turn into mystics. Poets turn, transform… painters, sculptors, dancers, musicians, singers are closer to the being.

But our whole society is dominated by the head, because the head is capable of earning money. It is very efficient — machines are always more efficient — it is capable of fulfilling all your ambitions. The head is being created by your educational systems, and your whole energy starts moving… bypassing the heart.

The heart is the most significant thing because it is the gateway to your being, to your eternal life source. I would like all the universities of the world to make people aware of the heart, to make them more esthetic, more sensitive… sensitive of all that surrounds us, the immense beauty, the immense joy.

But the heart cannot fulfill your egoist desires, that is the problem. It can give you a tremendous experience of love, an alchemical change. It can bring the best in you to its clearest and purest form, but it will not create money, power, prestige. And they have become the goals.

It is very significant that you go on slipping from your head to the heart. Just take a little more risk: slip from the heart to the being.

That is the rock bottom of your life.




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