Expect Ungrateful (ROBIN SHARMA)

Expect Ungrateful (ROBIN SHARMA)

Please don’t judge me as cynical. But I’ve mentally conditioned myself to expect ungrateful.

Here’s what I mean.

In Norman Vincent Peale’s positive thinking classic called, well,

The Power of Positive Thinking, this ceaselessly optimistic minister

encourages us to “expect ingratitude.”

As I understand it, his point is that most people will never truly appreciate your goodness and gentleness. It’s just not generally human nature (at this stage of our species’ evolution). So why lose peace of mind and valuable creative energy hoping to receive it?

I’ll put it another way: Avoid becoming an injustice collector. That way of seeing the world just beats you down. And rips you up.

Accept the fact that the majority of people concentrate on what they didn’t get versus all you gave and remember what you didn’t do for them rather than the wealth of generosity you showered upon them.

And remember that someone else’s lack of appreciation or good manners or grace or compassion or sense of fairness really has noth ing to do with you and everything to do with them. People treat other people the way they treat themselves. So why make it about you?

Just stay true to your own moral instincts. Display the virtues of positivity, honesty, goodwill, excellence, hurnility, forgiveness and respect to all, with a clear understanding that very few will ever acknowledge your integrity and stainless character.

Do good anyhow.










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