Can happiness be a choice?

Can happiness be a choice?

The following questions are designed to measure your capacity to choose happiness and fulfillment. Go through the questions as objectively as possible and assess yourself and how you live your present moments. “Yes” responses indicate personal mastery and effective choice-making.

1. Do you believe that your mind is your own?
2. Are you motivated from within rather than from without?
3. Are you free from the need for approval?
4. Do you set up your own rules of conduct for yourself?
5. Are you free from the desire for justice and fairness?
6. Can you accept yourself and avoid complaining?
7. Are you free from hero worship?
8. Are you a doer rather than a critic?
9. Do you welcome the mysterious and the unknown?
10. Can you avoid describing yourself in absolute terms?’
11. Can you love yourself at all times?
12. Can you grow your own roots?
13. Have you eliminated all dependency relationships?
14. Have you eliminated all blame and fault finding in your life?
15. Are you free from ever feeling guilty?
16. Are you able to avoid worrying about the future?
17. Can you give and receive love?
18. Can you avoid immobilizing anger in your life?
19. Have you eliminated procrastination as a lifestyle?
20. Have you learned to fail effectively?
21. Can you enjoy spontaneously without having a plan?
22. Can you appreciate and create humor?
23. Are you treated by others the way you want to be?




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