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In India there is a section οf Hindu society: Marwaris. They live in Rajasthan, but they have only their houses in Rajasthan; their businesses are all over India. Once in a while they will come home; otherwise they are working everywhere. And they are very clever businessmen.

I used to be very familiar with a family, and their daughter was going to be married. The family who was going to take this daughter as their daughter-in-law was inquiring about them in the town: what kind of people are they? And somebody said they should ask me because I was very intimate with those people. they asked me. I was puzzled, they asked me one question: “How many times have they bankrupt?”

I said, “This is a strange question!”

They said, “No, it is not strange. In our society this is the way we count the richness of a person. We don’ t go bankrupt because we have lost the business or have had losses; no, we go bankrupt when we are at the peak. And each bankruptcy means at least one million rupees. so that is a simple way to count how much money this family has. If they have been bankrupt three times, that is good. If they have never been bankrupt then this marriage cannot happen, because if they have not been bankrupt at any time, then they will not have enough money to give in dowry to the daughter. We cannot ask directly — that is thought to be ugly — so we have to inquire indirectly. ”

Now that language is special to them. I don’t think anybody in the world will think that a person who has bankrupt seven times has any wealth. And because they go bankrupt in one place, that place has become unexploitable for them anymore. They have exploited people too much – and then gone bankrupt! They are pretending that they don’t have any money so they move. Their real home is in
Rajasthan; these are their temporary places where they earn and go bankrupt. Then they move from that town to another town far away where nobody knows that they are bankrupt. Again they start a business; again they will accumulate big money , and again the bankruptcy.

And all the money that goes on accumulating goes to Rajasthan, to their home. These other places are just places to exploit. They go on moving. Within five to seven years every Marwari changes place, because in those seven years he has gained the confidence of people, managed to accumulate money, borrowed money , done everything that he can do, and then he goes bankrupt.

Nobody will say that bankruptcy is good, but if you are a Marwari, then be bankrupt as many times as you can manage! — your prestige, your respectability, rises higher. If you are bankrupt anywhere else your prestige falls.

If you look around the world and you see different people’s conditionings, and their ideas of good and bad, right and wrong, you will be able to see for the first time that your mind is also part of a certain section of humanity. It does not represent anything about truth: it simply represents that certain section of humanity. And through this mind, whatever you see is judgmental.





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