This ignorance is beautiful, but it is attained through knowledge. (OSHO)

This ignorance is beautiful, but it is attained through knowledge. (OSHO)

When you have gathered enough knowledge and you throw it, then ignorance is attained.
Then you really become ignorant – like Socrates who can say: I know only one thing, that I don’t know anything.
This knowledge, or this ignorance – you can call it whatever you like – is totally different, the quality is different, the dimension has changed.
If you are simply ignorant because you never attained to any knowledge, your ignorance cannot be wise, it cannot be wisdom – it is simply absence of knowledge. And the hankering will be inside: How to gain more knowledge? How to gain more information?
When you know too much – you have known the scriptures, you have known the past, the tradition, you have known all that can be known – then suddenly you become aware of the futility of it all, suddenly you become aware that this is not knowledge. This is borrowed!
This is not your own existential experience, this is not what you have come to know. Others may have known it, you have simply gathered it. Your gathering is mechanical. It has not arisen out of you, it is not a growth. It is just rubbish gathered from other doors, borrowed, dead.
Remember, knowing is alive only when you know, when it is your immediate, direct experience. But when you know from others it is just memory, not knowledge.
Memory is dead. When you gather much – the riches of knowledge, scriptures, all around you, libraries condensed in your mind, and suddenly you become aware that you are just carrying the burden of others, nothing belongs to you, you have not known – then you can drop it, you can drop all this knowledge.
In that dropping a new type of ignorance arises within you. This ignorance is not the ignorance of the ignorant.
This is how a wise man is, how wisdom is.
Only a wise man can say: I don’t know.
But in saying: I don’t know, he is not hankering after knowledge, he is simply stating a fact. And when you can say with your total heart: I don’t know, in that very moment your eyes become open, the doors of knowing are open. In that very moment when you can say with your totality; I don’t know, you have become capable of knowledge.
This ignorance is beautiful, but it is attained through knowledge. It is poverty attained through richness.
And the same happens with ego – you can lose it if you have it.




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