There is no need to give any answer (AESOP)

There is no need to give any answer (AESOP)

There is a fable of Aesopus.

In the forest, a lion asked every animal that he encountered if they recognized him as the king of the forest or not.

He asked the bear and she said: “Of course you are king.”

Then he asked the leopard, who hesitated a bit and then she said that yes, the lion was the king.

After that, the lion asked the elephant, who lifted the lion immediately with his trunk and threw him away.

As the lion was in the air, he said to the elephant: “Oh, great being, if you did not know the answer, you could simply say no. There was no need to throw me away. I would leave on my own. ”

But the elephant, who is strong enough to lift and throw away the lion does not need to give any answer. There is no need to say who the king is.




Fable of Aesopus



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