The mother’s heart (JEAN RICHEPIN)

The mother’s heart (JEAN RICHEPIN)

A poor lad once and a lad so trim

Gave his love to her that loved not him.

And says she, “fetch me tonight you rogue”

Your mother’s heart to feed my dog!

To his mother’s house went that young man

Killed her, and took the heart, and ran.

And as he was running, look you, he fell

And the heart rolled to the ground as well.

And the lad, as the heart was was a-rolling, heard

That the heart was speaking, and this was the word

The heart was a weeping and crying so small

“Are you hurt my child, are you hurt at all?”





Jean Richepin

Poem translated from the French of Jean Richepin by Herbert Trench

Source: https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/187500803?q&versionId=204074666



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