The Gods Arrive (C.P. CAVAFY)

The Gods Arrive (C.P. CAVAFY)

This now happens, and then that;

and later, in a year or two (I think),

the same deeds, the same ways.

We will not worry about the aftermath.

It’s for the best we will strive.

And as we strive, we make it worse,

we will mix up things until we find ourselves

in utter confusion. And then we will stop.

It will be time for the gods to work.

The gods always come. They will come down

from their machines, and they will save us,

violently, suddenly they will arise

from the throng; and as they put things in order

they retire. – And then that one will do that,

all that; and with time the others will do

theirs. And we will start again.










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