The horse snorted disdainfully and replied…

The horse snorted disdainfully and replied…

There’s an old fable about a grumpy old goose who approached a horse in a paddock.

“I am certainly a more noble and perfect animal than you,” the goose hissed, “For the whole range and extent of your faculties is confined to one element.  However, I can walk upon the ground, just as you do, as well as take to the air with my wings and when it pleases me, I can land on a pond or lake, refreshing myself in the cool waters.  I enjoy the different powers of a bird, a fish and a quadruped.”

The horse snorted disdainfully and replied, “It is true that you inhabit three elements, but you are not particularly distinguished at any of them.  You fly, but your flight is so heavy and clumsy that you have no right to put yourself on a level with the lark or swallow.  You can swim on the surface of the waters, but you cannot live in them as the fish do, you cannot find your food in that element, nor glide smoothly along the bottom of the waves.  And when you walk, or rather waddle, upon the ground, with your broad feet and your long neck stretched out, hissing at everyone who passed by, you bring upon yourself the derision of all beholders.”

“I confess that I am only formed to move along the ground,” the horse continued, “But how graceful is my make!  How well turned my limbs!  How highly finished my whole body!  How great my strength!  How astonishing my speed!  I would rather be confined to one element, and be admired in that, than be a goose in all!”







Image: https://www.reshareworthy.com/horse-portraits-wiebke-haas/



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