The first step in order to choose happiness is avoiding immobilization (WAYNE DYER)

The first step in order to choose happiness is avoiding immobilization (WAYNE DYER)

As you consider your potential for choosing happiness, keep in mind the word immobilization, as the indicator of negative emotions in your life. You might believe that anger, hostility, shyness and other similar feelings are worth having at times, and so you want to hang on to them. Your guide should be the extent to which you are in any way immobilized by the feeling.

Immobilization can range from total inaction to mild indecision and hesitancy. Does your anger keep you from saying, feeling, or doing something? If so, then you are immobilized. Does your shyness prevent you from meeting people you want to know? If so, you are immobilized and missing out on experiences that are rightfully yours. Is your hate and jealousy helping you to grow an ulcer or to raise your blood pressure? Does it keep you from working effectively on the job? Are you unable to sleep or make love because of a negative present-moment feeling? These are all signs of immobilization. Immobilization: A state, however mild or serious, in which you are not functioning at the level that you would like to. If feelings lead to such a state, you need to look no further for a reason to get rid of.

Here is a brief checklist of some instances in which you may be immobilized. They range from minor to major states of immobility.

You are immobilized when . . .

  • You can’t talk lovingly to your spouse and children though you want to.

  • You can’t work on a project that interests you.

  • You don’t make love and would like to.

  • You sit in the house all day and brood.

  • You don’t play golf, tennis, or other enjoyable activities, because of a leftover gnawing feeling.

  • You can’t introduce yourself to someone who appeals to you.

  • Your anger keeps you from thinking clearly.

  • You say something abusive to someone that you love

  • Your face is twitching, or you are so nervous that you don’t function the way you would prefer.

Immobilization cuts a wide swath. Virtually all negative emotions result in some degree of self-immobility, and this alone is a solid reason for eliminating theme entirely from your life.

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