That was not the intention of nature, to make a robot of you. (OSHO)

That was not the intention of nature, to make a robot of you. (OSHO)

Nature has no idea of money, otherwise dollars would have been growing on the trees.
Nature has no idea of money; money is a pure invention of man — useful, but dangerous too.
You see somebody with much money, and you think perhaps money brings joy: look at that person, how joyous he seems to be!
So run after money. Somebody is healthier — run after health.
Somebody is doing something else and looks very contented — follow him.
But it is always the others, and the society has managed so that you will never think about your own potential.
And the whole misery is that you are not being yourself.
Just be yourself, and then there is no misery and no competition and no botheration that others have more, that you don’t have more.
Man has to be rooted in his own potential, whatever it is, and nobody should give him directions, guidance. They should help him, wherever he is going, whatever he is becoming.
And the world will be so contented that you cannot believe it.
I have never felt any discontent, even from my childhood, for the simple reason that I never allowed anybody to distract me from what I was doing or what I was trying to be.
That helped me immensely.
It was difficult, and the difficulties went on growing, and now the whole world is against me.
But it does not disturb me. I am perfectly happy, perfectly content. I can’t think that I could have been otherwise.
In any other position I would have been miserable.
The world is against individuality.
It is against your being just your natural self.
It wants you just to be a robot, and because you have agreed to be a robot you are in trouble.
You are not a robot.
That was not the intention of nature, to make a robot of you.
So because you are not what you were meant to be, what you were destined to be, you are constantly looking: “What is missing? Perhaps better furniture, better curtains, a better house, a better husband, a better wife, a better job…”
Your whole life you are trying and rushing from one place to another.
But the society has distracted you from the very beginning.




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