The pursuit of Knowledge is constant. So, although Philosophy within the centuries has replied in even to the most integral human-concerned queries, and the act of travelling among the upper paths of meditation of the intelligentsia who lived before our times, is beyond the limit of excitement and atonement, nowadays the sciences of Biology and Psychology accompanied with their verified statistics, come to corroborate the theory according to which our behavioUr depends even up to 50% on our genetic identity and up to 50% or more on the influences we receive from our surroundings. Moreover, the major influence is exerted during our infancy or childhood, which is filed in our subconscious and it is subsequently manifested in all of our behavioural reactions.


This kind of knowledge is considered as a tremendous asset in the hands of those who possess it, since it is remarkably helpful in identifying themselves (self-awareness), which is an indispensable prerequisite not only for the conduct of a sentient life, which is both meaningful and joyful, but also for the creation and maintenance of bonds with the significant people of their life.

If we distance ourselves

If we distance ourselves from this narrow space of the “I” and look from a distant perspective at thinking people who are able to create strong bonds which are characterized by honesty, loyalty, respect, we will see a beauty of such a great intensity to emerge, which can be found nowhere but in the perfection of nature when it freely composes its unique combinations while being serene and exempted from violence and ferocity. For this reason the human mind inspires feelings of awe. Only the human mind is able to separate and mitigate the violent instincts!

Our team

Our team therefore aims to impart this great deal of knowledge to those who have similar concerns.

To those who have decided to be the initiators of their own life-project, up to the extent which is permitted by the terms of randomness, refusing however to blindly follow a prescribed route, which is indeed convenient, but it does not allow the saliency of the special features which each personality allocates.
We address the aesthetes of life, the lovers of luxury, who know well that the ultimate luxury is knowledge.

“While civilization has been improving our houses, it has not equally improved the men who are to inhabit them.

It has created palaces, but it was not so easy to create noblemen and kings “

Henry D.Thoreau

Obviously, the above reference appears neither in the protocols of behaviour, nor in the opportunity of the management of a team, or the exercise of power, but in something much deeper, namely the existence of internally beautiful and healthy people.



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