I’ll wait for you everywhere (TASOS LIVADITIS)

I’ll wait for you everywhere (TASOS LIVADITIS)

And if ever the moment comes when they take us apart, my love,

don’t lose courage

The great human virtue is to hold on to our heart

But even greater than this, when needed,

is to set our heart aside


Children of the future will be learning about our love in school books, together with

names of stars and duties of partners

If I were promised eternal life without you,

I would still rather choose a short moment with you.


I will always remember your eyes, big, fiery,

like two nights of lovemaking in times of civil war.


Oh, I forgot to mention that, if the wheat fields are vast and golden, it is because I love you.


Lock down the house. Leave the key with a neighbour and march on. There, where families of eight have but a loaf of bread to live on, where the grand shadow of the executed comes rolling down. It matters not where, it matters not when – where humans fight and die for a new world… this is where I will be waiting for you, my love.





Tasos Livaditis



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