His master had advised him that if a wolf attacked the herd he should call for help (AESOP)

His master had advised him that if a wolf attacked the herd he should call for help (AESOP)

In a village, there was a shepherd boy. Every day he was herding goats in the pasture away from the village. The shepherd was a naughty child. He liked nosy to her friend.

On a hot day, he was herding his goats in a pasture, not far from his village. In another group, people’s goats the village herded as well, although no one guarding.

Suddenly, he had a bad idea to lie to the villagers. Then he cried out, “There are wolves.! There are wolves.! Please … please … please…!” “The wolf will eat our goats.” He hoped the villagers heard him and immediately ran toward the prairie.
Villagers who heard the cries of the boy immediately ran to the pasture to save goats them. But when they arrived, but to no wolf. Only a herd boy who laughed heartily saw villagers who had succeeded him lied.

Next day, the shepherd boy to repeat the trick. She screamed louder than ever, “there are wolves … There is a wolf … the goats we want to be eaten … Villagers back rushing to save their goats. Shepherd boy came back roaring with laughter.

The Liar Shepherd
Until one day, a pack of wolves actually came over to the goats,Story For Child the herd boy. The shepherd boy was so scared and immediately shouted loudly, “Please… please…, there are wolves will eat my goat. Please… please…!”

The villagers heard the cries of the shepherd boy. But they said nothing, though admittedly it was a hoax shepherd boy again. So they remained silent in the village to continue their work. Poor shepherd boy, all his goats gone devoured the wolves.

That’s the fate that befell the child who frequently lies: though telling the truth, no one would believe.

Moral: Do not like to lie to other people, because if you lie, then others will become not believe with our words










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