You are asking for the impossible (OSHO)

You are asking for the impossible (OSHO)

There is a beautiful story in the Indian scriptures about Shiva.

His wife, Parvati, died, and he carried the corpse of his wife for twelve years all around the country, hoping that somewhere some physician may be of some help.

Slowly slowly, limbs of the dead body started falling, but he continued his journey in search of a physician; some alchemist, some magician, some miracle-maker may do it. Crying, weeping, he went around the country.

There are in India twelve sacred places. It is said that these are the places where the parts of the body of Parvati fell. Wherever a part fell it became a sacred place. You can carry the dead body -but you cannot find the physician.

But my own observation is that I have seen millions of people carrying dead love affairs which have gone dead long before, but carrying out of fear, clinging – just clinging with the known, with the familiar, although it is just misery and nothing else, but clinging.

When love dies, it dies. In time one has to accept death and one has to say goodbye, with no complaint. no grudge, because when something ends what can you do?

But each time the same thing will happen. The mind goes on finding other causes, but never looks at the real cause.

It cannot, because to look at the real cause means suicide of the mind. It will find a thousand and one faults in the woman, in the man you have been living with – that’s why the love has failed.
You have chosen a wrong woman, you don’t fit with her, you are not made for each other, and so on, so forth. But one day you were thinking you are made for each other, and you have completely forgotten it.

Remember those days, the beginning days of the love affair… and you were thinking, “This is going to last forever!” You had even promised to each other that “This is going to last forever.” It happens to everybody. This is an illusion, a mirage.

And you want to make a mirage permanent? How can you make a mirage permanent? How can you make a dream permanent? The morning will come and you will have to wake up.

And once you wake up you can close your eyes again and go on trying to find the dream, where it has gone. You want to continue it, but you cannot continue the dream again. It is lost forever.

Once you are awake it is broken forever; you cannot find the thread again. It is un-mendable,

remember. You cannot mend a broken love – a broken mirror, maybe. Ways can be found: it can be again melted and again it will be one.

But a broken love there are no ways no possibilities.

You are asking for the impossible.





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